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2024 Edition – English

This year, the constraint is to compose for low flutes. It must be original and unpublished. The composition must be written for an ensemble of 10 flutes :

  • 4 alto flutes in G
  • 4 bass flutes in C
  • 2 oboes in C

Lasting 8 minutes, the deadline for submission is midnight on Tuesday, November 5.
The jury will select the 3 finalist scores on November 14, 2024.
The final, in the form of a concert, will take place on Sunday January 19, 2025 at 4pm, in the Auditorium of the Conservatoire de Verrières le Buisson (91).


English version will come soon


1- In its desire to support and encourage musical creation and contribute to its dissemination, the town of Verrières-le-Buisson near Paris is organizing a composition competition called :

Prix Vedrarias Musique

The framework for expression is chamber music. The instrumental line-up is redefined for each edition.

2 – The Prix Vedrarias Musique is divided into two successive stages :

  • The jury selects three works, behind closed doors for performance in the final
  • The public final with the performance of the selected works by the edition’s partner ensemble, followed by the presentation of the Jury and Audience Prizes

3 – The Prix Vedrarias Musique 2024 is dedicated to the Flute Ensemble

4 – Instrumentation :

The work must be written for an Ensemble of 10 flutes.

  • 4 alto flutes in G
  • 4 bass flutes in C
  • 2 double basses in C

If you have any questions about the competition, please send an e-mail to the competition website to guarantee the anonymity of the jury. We will reply as soon as possible (

Résonances XXI, specializing in contemporary repertoire, will be the partner ensemble for the 2024 edition.

5 – Duration of work :

It must be between 7 and 8 minutes long. If it is shorter or longer than this, the score will be excluded from the competition.

6 – The language, form and style of the work are free. The work may be divided into several parts.
The proposal is to enhance the value of this instrumental formation. The question is how can it inspire and motivate a contemporary creator in his or her own language, and be included in his or her personal project as a composer ?
The jury will assess the candidate’s ability to exploit the resources of such an instrumental ensemble, its specificities, timbres and modes of playing, as well as his ability to structure his thoughts, demonstrate originality, creativity, coherence and mastery of invention.

7 – The competition is open to composers of all nationalities, with no age or residency restrictions. The entry fee is 30 euros (for payment of the entry fee by bank transfer from France or abroad, please contact the competition, which will send you the dedicated IBAN). Regardless of where the finalist resides (France or abroad), the organizer cannot assume any travel or accommodation expenses.

8 – Candidates may present only one work. It must be original, unpublished and have never been performed before. Arrangements of existing works are strictly forbidden.
While in the running, the work presented must be free of rights (TV, radio…) and not yet published at the date of the competition.

9 – Participation in the competition will be preceded by an administrative registration intended to facilitate the organization of the competition. This must be sent between July 1 and midnight November 5, 2024 to the competition address shown ath the bottom of this page. The registration form must be duly completed, accompanied by a CV and payment of the registration fee. By registering, the candidate undertakes to send his or her score in accordance with the procedures set out in §10.

10 – Candidates must send by post to the competition address at the bottom of the page or by WeTransfer before midnight on November 5, 2024 :

  • The duly completed entry form, together with a CV or personal background
  • The work’s presentation sheet, which must remain anonymous
  • The anonymous score created using music-editing software (printed in A4 format in 2 copies for mailing)
  • A USB key containing: the score in PDF format, and if possible a synthetic audio version in mp3 format

11 – In order to preserve anonymity, the candidate should mention only the title of the work and its duration at the head of the score. The organizer will affix the identification number after the deadline for receipt indicated in § 10.

12 – The three candidates selected for the final will be notified in mid-November 2024. By November 14, they must send all the work to the e-mail address provided complete material in pdf format, in strict accordance with the score submitted for the 1st round. They will then be put in touch with the performers to follow up on the work, and invited to a work rehearsal.

13 – During the public final on Sunday, January 19, 2025 at 4 pm, the three works selected will be performed by the partner flute ensemble, in an order drawn by lot. The public final will be recorded for the sole purpose of providing a sound archive for the competition and for the winners, who will subsequently receive a copy of the recording in the format of their choice.

14 – The awards will be :

The Vedrarias Jury Prize, worth 700 euros.
The Vedrarias Public Prize, worth 400 euros.

The price “Coup de Coeur” La Traversière worth 500 euros

15 – The jury reserves the right not to award all the prizes.

16 – The winner of the Jury Prize will not be able to participate anymore in subsequent editions of the competition. He/she will be invited to take part in the jury of a future edition.

17 – The winning work must bear the words “Vedrarias Music Jury and/or Audience Award 2024” or “Coup de cœur La Traversière 2024” for any distribution in any form whatsoever.


  • July 1 to midnight November 5, 2024: receipt of registration form (information sheet and registration fee)
  • November 5, 2024 midnight: deadline for receipt of scores, by any means of delivery, to the following address:

Boite 35
Hôtel de Ville – Place Charles de Gaulle
91370 Verrières-le-Buisson

  • Half-november 4, 2024: the jury selects the three finalists works anonymously, behind closed doors, and notifies candidates of the results by e-mail.
  • Sunday January 19, 2025 at 4pm: in Verrières-le-Buisson, Espace Bernard Mantienne, public final with performance of the finalist works. After the jury’s deliberations, a secret ballot of the public, and a carte blanche for the Résonances XXI ensemble, the prizes will be awarded to the winners.

For more informations: